Zero Glide Potential

This growing portfolio considers a belief that we are orchestrating our own extinction event. There will be no soft landing for an over-populated, over-exploited and over-heating planet,
not when the atmospheric trajectory is curving upwards like a hockey stick and the responsible mammal holds the power of rationalization.

A pessimistic view, this? Without a doubt. But there’s a fine line between optimism and delusion. In America, with our hand held, internet-connected, algorithm-powered lives we have erased this line.

It’s time to stop kidding ourselves. It’s time to face reality. When the tipping point is reached it won’t be some long and graceful glide into a puddle of filth, but the plunge of a wolverine jacked up on Zyn into a box of kittens.

Our descent into the vacuum has Zero Glide Potential.
Zero Glide Potential 1 - AbeyanceZero Glide Potential 2 - Fire FallacyZero Glide Potential 3 - ProphecyZero Glide Potential 4 - FirestormZero Glide Potential 5 - Sudden DeathZero Glide Potential 6 - MutationZero Glide Potential 7 - SubmissionZero Glide Potential 8 - Stony SleepZero Glide Potential 9 - DissolutionZero Glide Potential 10 - Closed